Assistance for Small Grocery Retailers

Supermarket Consultants

Our retail consulting firm receives frequent inquiries from small grocery retailers across the USA concerning consulting assistance. While our core business offering focuses primarily on larger US based supermarket and hard-goods / soft-goods chains, we often assist smaller food retailers with various challenges. Our extensive experience base gained from working with many of the largest grocery chains in the US and Western Europe have allowed us to bring big retail ideas and concepts to smaller, emerging grocers.

Most often small grocery retailers approach us needing assistance to drive revenue and reduce operating expense -  and we are very effective at assisting them to deal with those challenges. The process of assisting them begins with an Assessment of your stores and related corporate support organization. This step is very necessary, as we need to fully understand how your firm operates and where  / why your “real challenges” exist. Management’s description (to us) of “what is wrong with the business” is often inadequate, and sometimes actually wrong – so we assess the situation first to uncover and confirm the real factors that may be negatively affecting your business.

The Assessment process takes approximately two (2) weeks and is moderately priced. During that time we get to know and interview corporate management, observe the actual operation of the stores (all functions), and solicit input from the store associates concerning business challenges from their perspective. Once the interview / observation process has concluded we spend additional time researching other internal and external factors that are impacting the success of the firm. Examples of these other potential factors / variables include (but are not limited to):

  • Overall business strategy
  • Organizational structure and staffing
  • Location / real estate impact
  • Local customer demographics
  • Knowledge of the “core customer”
  • Competitive position awareness
  • Advertising / promotion options
  • Customer experience

Once we feel we have gathered sufficient information to fully understand your "real challenge" during this Assessment, we develop and present a final report which outlines our findings and the details of a strategy for improvement.
Additional information concerning the Assessment process and various examples from previous final reports are presented in the website pages listed on the Sidebar (shown on the top right side of this page).

The approximate cost of the Assessment (for small grocery retailers) is $20,000 - $25,000, plus related travel costs. 

If you feel that your grocery retail firm could benefit from an Assessment of this type please contact Pat Fitzpatrick, President of Atlanta Retail Consulting at 770-754-5008 or via E-mail at for a no-obligation conversation.